Baseball Sunglasses

With our new high tech 60fps video camera baseball sunglasses, you can record all the action at your baseball games!  Record while you are watching baseball from the stands, or even get fast action video while playing on the field!  Not only do our 60fps video camera sunglasses record videos, but you can instantly snap 8MP baseball action photos as well!

Our high quality video camera Baseball Sunglasses are not only limited to recording sports.  With our DVR sunglasses you can record everything you see while driving your car, riding your motorcycle, playing sports with your kids, hiking, walking on the beach and anything else you can think of.


60fps Video Camera Sunglasses

Our Baseball Sunglasses vs. the Competition

Three main things make our video recording sunglasses the most high tech and highest quality on the market. 60fps video recording speed, 2 channel audio and having WIFI so you can connect to your cell phone.

Super Fast 60fps Recording Speed

Almost all video glasses you will see sold in stores are limited to just 20fps or 30fps (frames per second). Our top quality glasses record twice as fast, which means you are able to record extremely fast action sports, and even be able to do slow motion with it being super smooth. If you try to record fast action with only 20 or 30fps, your video will turn out very choppy due to skipping frames. As you can see in our actual video below, the video is very smooth and professional quality while at speeds of over 80mph!

Realistic 2 Channel Microphone Audio

Our video sunglasses have two built in microphones, which capture sound on the left and right side of the glasses. When you play back the videos, you can actually hear sound on both sides, making it feel much more realistic as if you were actually there. For example if someone was walking around a circle talking to you while recording, you can actually hear which direction they are.

WIFI Cell Phone Connection

With lower quality video camera glasses on the market, they do not allow you to change any settings such as 1080p to 720p video quality, audio sensitivity, brightness, color saturation, etc. Our high tech sunglasses let you instantly connect via WIFI to your cell phone or mobile device. You can actually see a live video feed on your mobile device of what is being viewed in your glasses. Preview your live video, make changes and even hit record and stop all through your cell phone if you like!

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If you place your order for our DVR video recording sunglasses today, we will include a FREE 16GB micro SD card!  This will allow you to record a huge amount of videos and take thousands of photos!

You will receive glasses, 16GB micro SD card, transfer/charging USB cord, USB micro SD card reader, head strap, cleaning cloth and easy instruction manual all sealed in a hard carrying case!

Shoot HD video and capture stunning photos
8 megapixel CMOS sensor, 110 degree field of view
Video resolution – [email protected] and [email protected]
H.264 compression (quality) settings
2.2mm quality lenses, Z87.1 standard
Grilamid TR90TM frames
POV (point of view) function
Adjustable nose pads
3.7v lithium polymer 500mAh rechargeable battery
Realistic stereo audio with AAC2 channels, 2 microphones
Quality WIFI (certified), support iOS and Android system


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